Facade Sealant

Impregnate the facade of your house is a good investment as it protects against moisture intrusion when we get persistent rain or when we wash our terraces. Our houses stay warm and dry especially in the winter and houses located towards the north.

Once impregnated no water is sucked into the facade and water runs off with dirt!

This facade impregnation can be performed only on colored facades such as plastered houses, houses with marble crush (china) and crude facade (raspado) - not on painted surfaces.

We use a chemical product which is silicone-based and also has the name "water glass" - it is absorbed by the facade and penetrates 5mm. This creates a barrier against water.

The product is colorless, completely invisible and will not leave a color difference on the facade. It will keep you facade fresh for years to come. 5 year warranty!

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