Pergola Roof

A retractable pergola roof may be the solution between the glazing and a sunroof.  This is a unique product then the roof can have angular switching slats that can be opened and closed using the remote, When closed, the roof is completely tight and has a built-in drainage system leading off rainwater to the ground by one of the pillars, roof slats is damped and is completely silent.

On pergola roof can dismantle rolling element only walls that are operated with the same remote control and then becomes this as a tight room which can be used if it is a little cooler or a little pulled in the evenings.

The pergola can be equipped with:

  • Down roller speed just walls with or without windows.
  • Lanterns.
  • Bluetooth speaker systems.
  • Lighting in the roof.

Soltak Arne Jrgensen 2
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Soltak Arne Jrgensen
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