Information about construction permits

The new laws also mean that you can not build out with someone more extended surface no matter what material you use for the roof (plastic, aluminum, wood or tile roofs), this applies to, among other things, glazing or buildings (except sunroof and awnings) However, there are except for existing vault where it is allowed to mount a ceiling of maximum 6 inches (obra menor) everything else is denied, this applies to property that sits in the heap and the urbanicationer (quatro bungalos etc) they are usually fully approved and architectural protected and no more surface area allowed to build surface approved already been used, however, it is possible to apply for obra the mayor of the buildings on a separated own house (obra mayor and architect) but in that case the three-meter rule to the nearest neighbor or street.

Some owners take a chance villt and build without building permits but it's always you as the owner of the property who is responsible for everything done in your property, not the builder, they are completely free of responsibility.